Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tool # 11 I like Wallwisher and plan to use it for warm-ups or summary questions at the end of a lesson. Drop box is good and I intend to continue using Glogster for virtual posters. Edmondo I have to learn because it is really an efficient and quick way to share information with other Spanish teachers. At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and the tasks that I had to do, but now I am glad to have done them because I have an overall view of some of the tools available for use in the classroom. Our students are so into technology that it is only natural for us to offer lessons incorporating it. It is 2:10 Thurs A. M. and I feel that I have a deep responsibility to be a 21st century educator.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

tool # 10 1.Students need to be aware that they have a responsibility to use technology in a safe way not only for themselves but for others too. Sometimes they put something on the internet without thinking of the repurcussions. I liked " Common Sense " because it has several videos addressing the different problems a person can inadvertently create. 2. Students should be aware that colleges, universities, and future employers search the internet for a student's information. Any questionable post might make a difference whether the student gets accepted in his or her college of choice or whether he or she gets a job. 3. Students need to be aware that there are tremendous amounts of information and opportunities to link with the outside world and that this can be a positive learning experience. I would teach digital citizenship to my students in small increments with videos, class discussions and self reflection. Parents have a district form they need to sign giving permission to their son or daughter to use technology. If my classes will be doing a project that I feel might generate some parental concerns, I will send a letter home or if it is just one or two parents expressing concern, a phone call or a parent conference would be my choice of addressing them.
Tool # 9 It is important to tie technology to the lesson so that students do not get too frustrated and discouraged to do the lesson if the tech tool is not " compatible " with the objectives of the lesson. For example, I would not use skype until we had gone over and practiced pronunciation. It would not be practical to use at the beginning of a chapter. Living Language would be more appropriate for the start of a chapter. It will be important to get across to the students that the work we do using technology is real work that will earn a grade. It will not be playtime. Any games we use will be like Wordoid in Spanish where you have timed spelling games.
Tool # 8 After viewing the videos I am looking forward to using new technology in my classroom. I have learned that there is a lot of options, that the students will have to be taught basic stuff like turning them on, and how to operate them. Rules and procedures will have to be set up to ensure safety for the students, care of the equipment, and to ensure learning to be happening. I plan on having groups and one "expert" in each group to be able to provide assistance to the students in each group. A different student would be responsible for putting the equipment away another one to make sure it is being charged. One very important factor will be teaching the students how to communicate with others safely and how to find accurate information on the web. Just because one can find something on the internet does not mean that the information is legitimate and so it will be important to teach the students how to determine accuracy.
Tool #7 I like Edmodo to be able to communicate with both my students and with my fellow teachers. This year I will be teaching native speakers for only the second time and it will be helpful to communicate with native speaker Spanish teachers at Springwoods and Stratford. We usually enjoy talking and sharing with each other during in-service days and it will be truly beneficial to be able to continue sharing throughout the school year. I want to use Skype in the classroom to encourage students to speak in Spanish. One year the students did a children's storybook using places and action verbs and they did some incredible original artwork to illustrate the stories. We had wanted to go to one kindergarten or first grade class and have the student read his or her book to the children. We never got around to it because of testing schedules, bus availability, etc. Skype will take care of all that because nobody will have to leave the classroom. Lesson Objective: Students will use prepositions, action verbs in a designated tense, and places ( school, store, home, pool, gym, etc.) to write a story using a character(s)they created themselves. I will have to locate an elementary school Spanish class in the district.

second tool 6

 tool #6
1.  I did Wallwisher which I would like to use in the classroom for warm-ups.  It would be easy for the students to do, would eliminate having to set up the assignment on an old timey overhead ( I do not have a smart board) or to write it on the board.  All the answers for the day would be in one place.