Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool #7 I like Edmodo to be able to communicate with both my students and with my fellow teachers. This year I will be teaching native speakers for only the second time and it will be helpful to communicate with native speaker Spanish teachers at Springwoods and Stratford. We usually enjoy talking and sharing with each other during in-service days and it will be truly beneficial to be able to continue sharing throughout the school year. I want to use Skype in the classroom to encourage students to speak in Spanish. One year the students did a children's storybook using places and action verbs and they did some incredible original artwork to illustrate the stories. We had wanted to go to one kindergarten or first grade class and have the student read his or her book to the children. We never got around to it because of testing schedules, bus availability, etc. Skype will take care of all that because nobody will have to leave the classroom. Lesson Objective: Students will use prepositions, action verbs in a designated tense, and places ( school, store, home, pool, gym, etc.) to write a story using a character(s)they created themselves. I will have to locate an elementary school Spanish class in the district.

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